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In 2017, Mom and I launched Zesty Z in Brooklyn. We had no background in food but wanted to create a modern brand ​inspired by the Mediterranean Diet and flavors of the ​region. .

Our first products were innovative condiments that blended Za'atar and ​extra virgin ​olive oil. Think of it as the pesto of Lebanon.

The condiment​s​ earned us ​​national placement with Whole Foods in 2018. ​Then, in ​2020 we expanded into ​air-popped snacks and ​all-purpose ​seasonings.

​Zesty Z is an inclusive brand that brings ​diverse ​people together around culture​s​ and kitchen tables. ​We believe that FOOD IS LOVE. ​Join us, and let's make the world more flavorful​ and healthier​.

All The Zest,

Lorraine & Alexander

~the word is out, we're doing something different~

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"Of all the things in my pantry, this Za’atar blend is my favorite."

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"5 products showing flavor adventuring love."

"On movie nights, Alexander Harik and his mother, Lorraine, would feed family and friends a beloved snack"

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"See what keeps one entrepreneur going."

Speedy delivery and delicious popcorn


Speedy delivery and delicious popcorn, as usual!

Mini Feta Cheese Popcorn

Yasmine H.

So delicious!


Have been looking for za'atar for ages for a spread on pita. Saw the Zesty ad on IG & had to try it! Absolutely love it, perfect blend of herbs, sesame seeds & olive oil. Looking forward to trying the Zesty recipes! So happy to have this available now!

Variety Za'atar & Olive Oil Condiments

Chris C.

Just fabulous


I've always mixed this myself; however, it's so very easy just to spoon it onto fish, zuccini, whatever...I'm lazy. This is a great mixture.

Savory Za'atar & Olive Oil Condiment

Kristi K.

Delicious. Will buy again.


Delicious. Will buy again.

Variety Flavor Popcorn

Daniel M.

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