our za'atar

Hello za'atar lovers!

We know you’re looking to buy Za’atar online, so welcome to Zesty Z! Do you want to learn more about the history of this popular seasoning? We’ve got you covered and offer za'atar for sale in both classic and innovative formats.

Za'atar is a classic seasoning from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. Its main ingredient is a varietal of thyme, blended with sesame seeds, sumac, oregano, and a hint of salt. You can find Za'atar in millions of kitchens, bakeries, and pizzerias across the region.

The premium za'atar we use is part of the Mediterranean Diet because it's low sodium and loaded with flavor. We don't use any fillers or artificial flavors (like chickpea flour or wheat) and source directly from farms in Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Alexander, visits the farms himself - see the above picture!

You can find our Za'atar shakers in all Whole Foods locations nationwide in the spice or global sections. We hope you'll join our family on this Mediterranean adventure.