Founder Story


Mom and I launched Zesty Z to build a company around the Mediterranean Diet, our Lebanese culture, and healthy snacking.

My childhood inspires our air-popped popcorn. Every Friday night, my sisters and I went to the video rental store - throwback! - and chose movies to watch all together.

Mom preferred to make popcorn at home for us instead of buying the pre-made stuff. So she used her air-popping machine to make popcorn and then season it with Mediterranean toppings as a healthier alternative. For example, Mom drizzled olive oil instead of butter, honey, and sea salt instead of caramel corn. My sister and I loved her tastier and healthier version!

Fast forward to 2023, we use 415 degrees of hot air to pop each kernel so it fully expands slowly. Then we toss the popcorn in oil and our Non-GMO seasonings to add the flavor. We never cook our kernels in oil.

We hope you and your family will join us on a Mediterranean adventure!

All The Zest,
Alexander & Lorraine