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Snacks are 12 months, seasonings are 24 months.

Za’atar is a popular all-purpose wild thyme seasoning from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. It's often called the "King of Herbs".

This savory and bright flavor is trending with chefs and foodies across the country.  It uses wild thyme native to the region that's blended with sesame seeds, sumac, oregano, and salt.

Zesty Z za'atar is inspired by a classic Lebanese family recipe. We use Grade A thyme, which only the leafs and flower are used not the stems of the plant.

No, other ingredients like chickpea flour, wheat, marjoram, citric acid are used as filler ingredients instead of using the more expensive higher quality thyme leaves and flowers.

A classic Za'atar recipe looks fluffy and smells aromatic. It's made of wild thyme, sumac spice, sesame seeds, salt, and a hint of sunflower oil. 

Visit our recipe section! We post a new Za'atar recipe each month.

A highly versatile spice from the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

It's flavor is tangy, lemony, and earthy and known for its deep red color and bright flavor. You can find sumac in classic Za'atar blends as well as baked chicken dishes.

We often call it the Cranberry of the Mediterranean.

In the USA. We source our Za'atar seasonings ingredients directly from farms and fair trade suppliers from Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine.

It's a beloved and delicious flaky flatbread popular throughout the Levant region (Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean).

This bread is ubiquitous throughout Lebanon and the Levant. It goes by many different names, including manaqish, manakeesh, manooshe, and man'ousheh. But at its core, this is a simple and utterly delicious delicacy with a few key characteristics. 

Za'atar manouche is a round flatbread made with simple ingredients and flavored generously with za'atar and olive oil. 

Toppings for manouche include cheese, strained yogurt (labneh), mint, olives, cucumber, and tomatoes. 

It's made with organic ingredients, and blends bright lemony flavors to the classic savory seasoning.

To add our flavor burst, we use Sumac spice, a popular cooking ingredient from the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Sumac is known for its deep red color and citrus-like flavor.

Our snacks are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO. The seasonings are not.