Where to Buy Zesty Z

You might be thinking, “where can I buy Za'atar near me?” Good news, our Za'atar “where to buy locator” will conveniently find all retail locations across the country where you can buy our Za'atar condiments and Mediterranean Popcorn! Zesty Z is in 600+ locations across America, including all Whole Foods Market locations, independent stores, co-ops, specialty food markets, and other nationwide retailers in 48 states. Most locations will feature both the Savory and Spicy condiments! Stay tuned for where to find our Mediterranean Popcorn later this year!

Zesty Z is the leading Za'atar brand in America, introducing customers to big thyme Mediterranean flavors across the country. As more people get a taste of Za'atar, the more Za'atar they are asking for! That means our condiments and Mediterranean Popcorn will be even more accessible as the Za’atar trend continues to grow. If we’re not in your local grocer or specialty food shop, send us a note and let us know where you’d like to buy Za'atar near you. You’re an essential part of the “Za'atar Squad,” and we would love your suggestions, your favorite places to shop, and how we can make enjoying Za'atar convenient for you. We want to make it was easy as possible for you to enjoy Za’atar, so wherever you’re shopping let us know!

How do you like to eat your Zesty Z Za'atar? For inspiration, head on over to our recipes page or find us on Instagram. We love to see how the Zesty Z family is upgrading everyday meals and snacks with our BOLD flavors, so share the love with us, too!