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Za'atar Olive Oil Condiment (8oz)
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Savory Za'atar Popcorn (5oz)
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Premium Za'atar Seasoning (3oz)
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Individual Za'atar Packets (10g)
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Hommos Za'atar

If you're looking to buy za'atar online, you've come to the right place. At Zesty Z, we offer the finest za'atar for sale on the internet and the most innovative products using its savory and bright flavors. We make three types of za'atar products, including the first-ever za'atar popcorn! /p>

The premium za'atar we use is sourced from single-origin and fair trade farms from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Alexander, visits the farms himself.

First, our snacks are air-popped and use authentic spices for natural flavor. Second, our za'atar and olive oil condiments have healthy fats and come in two flavors: classic and spicy. Finally, if you're looking for a dry za'atar spice, we have shakers and individual seasoning packets.

Calling all za'atar lovers! You've come to the right place. We use high-quality ingredients, follow critical elements of the Mediterranean Diet, and minimally and ethically process everything.

Shopping with us is a no-brainer - wake up your taste buds and join us on a Zesty adventure.

Can You Buy Za'atar Online?

It's hard to find specific spices in your local market or grocery store, especially those trending with chefs, foodies, and the media.

The good news is that the days of spending time in your store browsing the aisles, flagging down employees, and analyzing the ingredient labels are over.

Now, you can buy za'atar blends online easily that arrive within a few days straight to your door.

Why Buy Za'atar Online Instead Of In Stores?

At your local store, you might be lucky to find even just one za'atar product, and it may have filler ingredients. But online, the possibilities to buy premium za'atar are endless.

With automated Zesty reorders and recommendations, you can set it and forget it. So your favorite seasonings and spices show up at your door every month without you having to lift a finger.

Where To Buy Za'atar Online?

Have you ever wondered where to buy za'atar online? Who can you trust? It's a critical question to think about, here's why.

The one problem you could experience when you buy za'atar seasoning online is not trying it before you buy it. You don't want to end up with products that never get used and take up space in your pantry.

Avoid that problem and buy za'atar online from Zesty Z. View our customer reviews and remember a 30-day money-back guarantee. When it comes to za'atar and following the Mediterranean Diet, there is only one brand worth mentioning.

Why Zesty Z Has The Best Za'atar For Sale

The best za'atar for sale online is Zesty Z. You can find an unmatched variety of za'atar to buy and other Mediterranean Diet essentials. Our za'atar is based on an authentic Lebanese family recipe from single-origin farms in the region that our CEO, Alexander, visits.

We know there are a lot of za'atar for sale. However, there's no other brand that offers the variety and innovation of our condiments, seasonings, and air-popped snacks. Zesty Z delivers a unique flavor experience you'll want to share with friends and family.

Try each product in the Party Pack or Variety offerings before selecting your favorite. Please don't take our word for it; check the customer reviews!

Everything you'll find at Zesty Z is flavor-forward, healthy, and innovative. Your order ships free when you spend over $30, so check out our bundles and variety packs. The za'atar spice and condiments are also available at Whole Foods nationwide.