Mediterranean Sumac Smoked Salmon Bagel

It’s time to wake up your morning smoked salmon bagel with a tangy blast of flavor from our Mediterranean Sumac Everything Bagel seasoning.

We’re from Brooklyn, so naturally, we love starting the day with a golden toasted bagel topped with cream cheese and thin slices of peachy pink smoked salmon. But, being as flavor-obsessed as we are, we don’t stop there.

A quick shake of Zesty Z Mediterranean Sumac Everything Bagel Seasoning instantly transforms your New York bagel from good to fantastic. Our tangy and savory seasoning adds flavor, crunch, and the texture your bagel is missing. 

What’s in Mediterranean Sumac Everything Bagel Seasoning?

Because our seasoning blend is made with the following highest-quality ingredients:

  • Sumac: This is the secret ingredient that will have your taste buds buzzing. It's the "Cranberry of the Mediterranean". Sumac is a deep red-colored dried spice native to the region. It packs a stunningly bright, citrusy flavor to make any dish pop.
  • Garlic chips. A must-have ingredient in everything bagel seasoning, garlic chips add a hint of allium flavor and extra crunch.
  • Sesame seeds. Our white sesame seeds are another nod to our Mediterranean roots. Plus, they add a nice textural component and a subtly nutty flavor to our spice blend.
  • Onion chips. Another all-important allium flavor addition, dried onion chips have a deep, concentrated flavor you’ll love.

That’s it! This simple but so satisfying seasoning blend is keto, paleo, Whole30, vegan and gluten-free. 

How to Use Sumac Everything Bagel Seasoning?

Once you fall in love with the sprinkle of our seasoning on your bagels, the options are pretty endless for other ways to enjoy this savory and citrusy seasoning. Some of our favorite ways to eat more EB seasoning include:

  • Add a sprinkle of zest to fried eggs.  
  • Stir some into tuna, chickpea, or chicken salad for an easy lunch elevation.
  • Top your favorite soft cheese or hummus with EB seasoning on your next charcuterie board.

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Sumac Smoked Salmon Bagel Recipe

Serves: 1

Toast the bagel. Smear both sides of the toasted bagel with cream cheese, top with smoked salmon and sprinkle with everything bagel seasoning. Get Zesty!